Letter To My Children - A Memoir

Letter To My Children

A Memoir

Publication date: 28th July, 2024

Letter to My Children is a unique story that deals with the past and present uncertainties of life within the author’s family including the high risks of the human dispersal faced in Sudan and South Sudan on account of past and ongoing wars.

The messages in this book are about love, the lifelong journeys of the Tombe family, and the difficult endeavours encountered by their children, burdened by wars and political conflicts. Tombe delves into the struggles of individuals and families trying to adjust to living in war conditions and in far lands.

The enduring struggles of the younger generation in pursuit of their education, development goals, and search of peace is voiced in the book. Despite the horrors of the human dispersal that led to massive displacement of populations nationwide and to safe countries, the younger generation are also hailed in the narrative for standing up for their rights and promotion of good causes – pivotal anchors that will lead to turnaround of fortunes in war-torn South Sudan.

Letter to My Children encourages and inspires families to come together, no matter how far apart they are socially or emotionally. The book calls for anyone caught up in trying times to have a positive outlook in life, emphasising that there is always a silver lining in every dark cloud.