Lawrence M. Tombe

Author of Letter To My Children

Letter To My Children

A Memoir

Lawrence M. Tombe tells the unique story of the human dispersal faced in Sudan and South Sudan over the war years, which uprooted populations from their ancestral locations and territories.

Book cover

Chapter 1

Your Loved to Eternity

My Beloved Children,

At your birth, each one of you arrived in our midst without commands and edicts. Your infant gazes and glares radiated powerful and unbreakable bonds that brought us joy, which inspired me in particular to build the family I desperately longed for, which you are.

All along my life journey, I stumbled and made many mistakes; and will make many more blunders. I accept the responsibility of all past and present wrongdoings. For those imperfections, and inaccuracies, I am profoundly sorry for any hurt and pain that I might have inflicted upon you. Those blunders were made in my attempt to have you acquire the needed living tools – the moral and societal values that made you what you are today.

I am far from being the perfect father you wanted me to be – but one thing for sure, I did the best I could to help you grow up meaningfully with a purpose in life.

The mistakes I made came from lack of understanding, but not from absence of love because from the moment you arrived in our midst, I loved you and still love you wholeheartedly with all my might to the end.

My children, I love you more than you will ever know, now and for all eternity.