About the Author

Born in 1948, I attended early schooling in Southern Sudan and completed my secondary and university education in Uganda during my exile years (1963-1972) in that country. After attainment of peace in Sudan in 1972, I returned home and was employed in the Sudanese government from 1973 to 1993.

My public sector background ranges from having been a cabinet minister, a parliamentarian, a top civil servant, and a diplomat at the ambassadorial level; so, experiencing public sector governance from the three perspectives. I served as Sudan’s Ambassador to Romania and Bulgaria based in Bucharest where I spent four years from 1990 to 1993 during the post-Ceausescu era. I ended tenure of my public service Sudan in protest of the human rights violations committed by the Omar Al-Bashir’s dictatorship against the Sudanese people; and thereafter sought political asylum in the United Kingdom where my family and I are based to date.

Over my exile years, I played lead role in initiation and founding of Skills for South Sudan in 1994 – a UK humanitarian organisation that developed capacities of exiled South Sudanese in readiness for post-war peacebuilding and reconstruction of the country. Over those voluntary contributions, I produced a book entitled South Sudan Skills Story, an account about South Sudan’s manpower struggles during the second civil war years in Sudan (1983-2004). The book was published by AuthorHouse Publishing company in November 2017.

Lawrence M. Tombe